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The guide to romantic getaways
The guide to romantic getaways

About us

Hello ! My name is Sébastien Leidgens, I am the founder of Let's Go My Love. I'm 39 years old, I'm originally from Belgium (more precisely from Embourg, 10 min from the center of Liège, in Wallonia) and I live today between Brussels, Paris and Munich. This page is an opportunity to tell you a little bit about how Let's Go My Love was born.

We are a guide to the best romantic accommodations. Our main audience: couples celebrating a special occasion. We started in Belgium in the spring of 2021 and we're cautiously opening up to France, Italy and Switzerland. Let's Go My Love is like an address book written by a traveling, curious and demanding couple.

We spend 90% of our time choosing and describing our accommodations. Each place is like a dish that simmers for hours. Once published, the place is revised and updated several times each year. We come back to it very often, we make touch-ups and we update the text. We are often in constant contact with the owners.

A little history... In July 2020, I aspire to launch a new project in the world of travel, but which one? At this time I am working as Digital Marketing Director in the French industrial company Re-uz, which specializes in reusables. I am in charge of the digital department. Before that, I also participated in the development of the luxury travel agency The Little Guest Hotels Collection, which now has about 30 employees and selects the most beautiful hotels for families.

As is often the case, the idea came from a personal need. As my partner, Sylvie, is celebrating her 30th birthday in September 2020, I am looking for a romantic place with a really special atmosphere. I go on Instagram, Google, Booking.com but I remain hungry each time. Finally I choose the Cabane de Poupette in Brussels, not without difficulty! We spend a great moment.

In the weeks which follow, I put on paper the following idea: to gather the most romantic accommodations in a slightly stylish collection. And I try to find an editorial line: places held by passionate people, with a romantic atmosphere and a real personality, a little like a book or a painting. We don't necessarily look for luxurious places. We want each place to be unique and different from all the others.
Around april 2021, I set up a coworking space in Silversquare in Brussels and I start looking for a team because I can't see myself going solo! The first person I meet is Pauline, a French student, who decides to trust me even though the website is not even online and the name has not yet been found.

And the name itself? It is partly found by my partner Sylvie, who worked for Tinder, during a very animated discussion, as well as the logo. We love the name because it is spontaneous, simple and international. I also love the idea of leaving without thinking.

In the following months, I decided to surround myself with interns that I trained in digital marketing at the same time: Camélia, Laureen and Omérine in particular. An almost entirely female team in the end. Each one of them leaves a precious mark on the project.

Today, we work with 3 people on the site and we collaborate with 4 or 5 freelance people on a very regular basis. We travel a lot, but above all we try to be able to pay the salaries and the invoices because it is not easy! But we are slowly getting there.

Our site is very cutting edge, with careful attention paid to the display speed, SEO and content. We spend a lot of time on it. We want the best for our partners and visitors. For us, the journey starts with the online search.

The best part is that couples are very engaged on the site, remember the name and come back later. And frankly, it was not won when we see the competition in tourism. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

Frequently asked questions

What does the logo mean?

The logo has several meanings: it symbolizes the L of Let's Go My Love and the 2 for the couple. It is also half of a heart and the font used to draw the logo is... Holiday!

Is this your first project?

No, I've been launching projects since I was 20 years old and I'm now 39! Among the projects that have influenced Let's Go My Love, there is first of all Who Knows a Good One, launched in 2015. It was a recommendation system that was hugely successful in Europe. The idea was to ask a question to the inhabitants of a city: who knows a good baker? Who knows a good doctor? And word of mouth gave relevant answers. The other project that influenced me was Little Guest, a collection of luxury hotels for families. I participated in the development of the project and had the opportunity to combine my passion for digital with another passion: tourism. Today, it is a great success all over the world with a team of about thirty employees.

How do you choose the locations?

Basically, we try to choose places that have personality and leave lasting memories. We've noticed that couples are often looking for a unique experience that is different from the last one. Here are some questions we ask ourselves every time:

- Does the venue have a personality of its own?
- Does it have water features such as a hot tub?
- Are the owners passionate people?
- Does the venue get rave reviews online?
- Is the venue suitable to celebrate a special occasion?
- Is the atmosphere romantic?
- Is the venue still a bit of a secret?
- Is the price reasonable or justified?
- Is the venue sustainable?
- Has the interior design been thought out in a personal way?
- Does the venue tell a story, like a book or a painting?
- Does the venue stimulate the imagination?
- Is the venue different from all the others already on the site?

Please note that we limit the number of venues per geographic area in order to offer a true quality label.

What is the definition of romanticism for you?

Historically, romanticism was not really about rose petals and hearts. I give you the definition of Wikipedia:

"Movement that appeared at the end of the 18th century and was characterized by the artist's desire to explore all the possibilities of art in order to express his moods. It was a reaction of feeling against reason, exalting mystery and fantasy and seeking escape and delight in dreams, nature and the sublime, exoticism and the past, the ideal or the nightmare of a passionate sensibility."

Today, Let's Go My Love is part of this movement. But, one thing leading to another, a second dimension has been added: the bohemian aspect. This time, it's a 19th century art movement, on the fringe of the more aristocratic romanticism. It is both a lifestyle that rejects bourgeois domination and its rationality in the context of industrial society, and the search for an artistic ideal.

If we wanted to schematize, we could say that we are constantly trying to find a balance between more luxurious places (traditional romanticism) and more unusual places that are part of the bohemian movement. We want to offer everything and for all budgets. Diversity is the key for us.

Who does what in the team?

Currently, we work with 3 on Let's Go My Love and there are about 4 or 5 freelancers with whom we collaborate on a very regular basis. We choose the places with three. Sylvie contacts new establishments and travels a lot, Pauline concentrates on the photos and I take care of the content, the technique and the commercial.

Did you raise funds?

We thought about it at the beginning. But today, it's something we want to avoid. We prefer a slow but sustainable growth and we want to be totally independent. We started the project with my savings and that's it. Today, we are slowly getting there but it's a lot of work because we always want to keep a top quality. In 2023, we would like to expand the team gradually. But we are going at our own pace.

What is your favorite place?

It's hard to say because we really like them all. If I really have to give one, then I would say Margaret Hôtel Chouleur in Nîmes, in the south of France.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Let's Go My Love finds his inspiration in cinema, literature, music and video games. If I have to give only one movie, I would say American Beauty. A book, The Secret History. A music, all Orelsan. And a game, probably Baldur's Gate. I consider each accommodation as a universe of its own, as a work of art. I love all the hidden details, the secrecy, the art, the light effects, the adventure, the style, the surprise and everything that comes from the past. And I love above all when the person who welcomes you manages to embody the whole place and makes you feel immediately at home.

See you soon!


Sylvie, Pauline and Sébastien, the team behind Let's Go My Love

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