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We love romantic and enchanting escapes
We love romantic and enchanting escapes

Find your next romantic getaway

More than 300 selected (and highly rated) spots, including boutique hotels, glamping and private spas with jacuzzi

Moments that matter

One month, two years, twenty years of life together... Projects, endless dreams and much more! And then, slyly, time flies. Between work, studies, children, it is never the right time. So we postpone, postpone, postpone and forget ourselves in silence. And then one Sunday, during a walk in the country, you come across an old farmhouse with a slow rhythm.

The storm is rumbling in the distance and you are already imagining yourself going home. Cold bubbles in the fridge and, as you light the fire, you hear your partner popping the bottle and filling the glasses. The smell of home has that taste of freedom that reminds you of your date. It's time for a drink, some music and it's time to read that book you've been wanting to start for months...

But the night goes on. The laughter continues, you are seriously considering going to live far away together. Your complicity takes again a way almost forgotten. You put back a log in the fire and you fill the glasses. The intimacy is bewitching and gives way to tender gestures. Sometimes a whole life is decided in one night. And, in the morning, it feels like a dream. But it's all there.

Our recipe

We look for romantic hideaways
We check that they are highly rated
We read all the customer reviews
We visit the places as soon as possible
We meet the owners
We negotiate benefits
We prepare the photos one by one
We write a text by hand
We give lots of advice
We update the places regularly
We limit the number of places
We add a few secret ingredients
It's ready! Enjoy your stay

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Romantic spots

440€ / 2 nights
Gîte in Villers-la-Ville

Le Gîte du Château

Exceptional accommodation nestled in a 13th-century fortress with swimming pool
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★ 9.3/10 and 5 online reviews
170€ / night
3* hotel in Profondeville

Les 7 Meuses

Stay above the clouds with views, private wellness and unusual accommodation
Mention Let's Go My Love and receive a bottle + aperitif board
★ 8.4/10 and 260 online reviews
118€ / night
B&B in Avignon

La Demoiselle

Peaceful, peaceful, quiet haven, with a lovely welcome by Violette and Lisa
★ 9.5/10 and 260 online reviews
171€ / night
4* hotel in Montmartre

Secret de Paris & Spa

Real romantic cocoon for couples with 29 themed rooms and jacuzzi
Enter promo code LETSGOMYLOVE and get -5% off your stay
★ 8.8/10 and 1600 online reviews

A romantic stay in a charming hotel

Let's Go My Love is first and foremost a romantic collection of the finest hotels. These are often small hotels, with special attention paid to design and guest well-being. If you're going on a romantic weekend for Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, these hotels are ideal choices.

We especially like to find hotels with water features: wellness, spa, jacuzzi, whirlpool, sauna, hammam or swimming pool. We also like to offer hotels with bathtubs in the bathroom or in the room, right next to the bed. Couples really appreciate these extras.

We offer a range of hotel categories: from affordable 3* hotels to much more luxurious 5* hotels, from love hotels with impeccable reputations to large-scale thermal baths. What do all these hotels have in common? The passion of the owners and the special care given to couples.

Original overnight stay in a bijzonder plekje

Let's Go My Love also offers a wide range of unusual accommodations, often located in the heart of nature. These include tree houses, riverside bubbles and tiny houses in the middle of a meadow. These unusual airbnbs allow you to disconnect and find yourself in complete privacy.

Glamping is a popular trend among nature-lovers, and Let's Go My Love definitely wants to play its part. Unusual lodgings often include water features such as Jacuzzis and Nordic baths. In winter, it's very pleasant to build a fire.

Unusual cabins, in particular, are highly sought-after on Let's Go My Love. They offer a good compromise between adventure and luxury, and allow you to spend an unusual weekend in the heart of nature, sometimes on the banks of a river.

Private spa getaway

Renting a wellness suite with Jacuzzi is always a guarantee of total intimacy and privacy for your loved ones. Let's Go My Love has plenty of rooms with whirlpools, because we know that couples love them. Some suites even include a completely private indoor pool.

We also like to offer the best private spas. These private spas offer all-day sessions (often 2 hours) and allow you to be completely alone in the spa. What we prefer: private spas with overnight stays, i.e. those where you can spend the night.

These private spas offer many romantic packages for an unforgettable night's sleep: rose petals, bottle of champagne, etc. When you're celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary, this is very popular.

Weekend in a vacation rental

B&Bs, vacation rentals and vacation homes are highly sought-after on Let's Go My Love. These rental accommodations often offer a more reasonable price and greater privacy. There's often a garden at your disposal, bicycles and a wood-burning stove.

Choosing a vacation rental on Let's Go My Love is the guarantee of choosing an airbnb that has been selected by our team. We always try to choose vacation homes suitable for couples with just one bedroom, so you don't pay for nothing. There's often a pool, Jacuzzi or bath.

What we like best about vacation rentals: they're often 4-fronted houses, which means you don't have to worry about noise and neighbors. There's usually no breakfast, so the price per night is often lower and you can cook for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Let's Go My Love is a collection of the best romantic accommodations around the world. It's like an address book. We spend a lot of time researching, describing and updating each place throughout the year. We greatly limit the number of places in each geographical area in order to offer the best possible editorial quality.

Let's Go My Love has existed since 2021 and was created in Brussels, Belgium, on the initiative of entrepreneur Sébastien Leidgens. The platform brings together romantic hotels, unusual accommodations, spas and numerous vacation rentals. These are ideal places to celebrate a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary.

The logo of Let's Go My Love logo has several meanings: it symbolizes the L of Let's Go My Love and the 2 for the couple. It's also half of a heart, and the font used to draw the logo is... Holiday!

We try to choose places that have personality and leave lasting memories. We've noticed that couples are often looking for a unique experience that's different from the last.

The platform Let's Go My Love offers a wide range of accommodations for lovers, including unusual lodgings: cabins in the wilderness, yurts, glass bubbles under the stars, etc.

The platform Let's Go My Love offers a wide range of accommodation for couples, including hotels. These can be boutique hotels, charming hotels or even love hotels with Jacuzzis.

The platform Let's Go My Love offers numerous private spas, wellness suites and rooms with Jacuzzis. These are often fully-privatized wellness centers, with the option of sleeping on site.

Here too, the platform Let's Go My Love offers a wide range of vacation rentals, from self-catering cottages to vacation homes. The advantage of these accommodations is their often lower price and total privacy.



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