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The best romantic stays
The best romantic stays

The most romantic hotels in Venice

Venice is drowning, this is the most beautiful thing that could happen to her
- Paul Morand

Romantic hotels in Venice

24 hotels in Venice
240€ / night
Hotel 4* in Zattere

Palazzo Veneziano

Hidden treasure with jacuzzi in the room, exceptional view and antique design
★ 9.3/10 and 4200 online reviews
550€ / night
Residence in Castello

Palazzo Cristo

The most intimate residence in Venice with 4 splendid private apartments
★ 9.7/10 and 55 online reviews
130€ / night
B&B near the Rialto Bridge

La Finestra sulle Beccarie

A pearl with a sensational welcome from Maurizio and a breathtaking rooftop
★ 9.7/10 and 370 online reviews
260€ / night
4* hotel in San Marco

Corte Di Gabriela

Intimate and eco-friendly refuge by Gian Luca with luxury breakfast
★ 9.4/10 and 150 online reviews
190€ / night
3* hotel near Saint-Marc

Hotel Flora

Secret jewel managed with passion by the Romanelli family for over 50 years
★ 9.1/10 and 530 online reviews
270€ / night
4* hotel near the Grand Canal

H10 Palazzo Canova

Gold and blue lagoon atmosphere in this wonderful place with royal staff
★ 9.3/10 and 3375 online reviews
1400€ / night
Hotel 5* at the edge of the Canal

The Gritti Palace

Unforgettable experience in this beautiful 15th century gothic palace
★ 9.4/10 and 210 online reviews
215€ / night
4* hotel in front of the Basilica of Santa

Ca Maria Adele

Authentic romantic hideaway halfway between the East and the West
★ 9.6/10 and 135 online reviews
180€ / night
4* hotel in front of Guidecca

Il Palazzo Experimental

Palace with a design and vintage atmosphere in the best area of Venice
★ 9.2/10 and 640 online reviews
130€ / night
3* hotel near St. Mark's Square

Hotel Firenze

Great hotel 30 meters from Piazza San Marco with wonderful staff
★ 9.1/10 and 920 online reviews
132€ / night
B&B near Giardini Papadopoli

Cinqueteste Luxury Home

Hidden oasis for adults only with private garden and exceptional hospitality
★ 9.9/10 and 195 online reviews
289€ / night
Hotel 5* in Cannaregio

Ca' Bonfadini

Palace immersed in art and culture, frescoes and gilding, royal welcome
★ 9.2/10 and 700 online reviews
430€ / night
Hotel 5* on the Grand Canal

Palazzo Venart

Intimate fairytale palace with private garden and 2* restaurant
★ 9.4/10 and 315 online reviews
127€ / night
4* hotel on the Grand Canal

Canal Grande

Seductive boutique hotel with a magical atmosphere of the Venice of yesteryear
★ 9.1/10 and 650 online reviews
97€ / night
3* hotel near the Doge's Palace

Rosa Salva Hotel

Rare and very romantic pearl with top service from the proud Rosa Salva family
★ 9.3/10 and 1950 reviews online
160€ / night
B&B near St. Mark's Square


Secret address in the center of town with rooftop and unlimited prosecco
★ 9.1/10 and 375 online reviews
250€ / night
B&B on the Grand Canal

Palazzetto Foscari

B&B very quiet and picturesque, wonderful view, warm welcome from Chiara
★ 9.7/10 and 50 online reviews
150€ / night
Apartment near the Rialto Bridge

Aqua Apartments

7 stylish and refined apartments, fully equipped kitchen and 5* reception at Ophélia
★ 9.6/10 and 360 online reviews
109€ / night
B&B in front of the Ponte delle Guglie

Palazzina Veneziana

A true gem with old-fashioned charm, private balcony and view of the Guglie Bridge
★ 9.4/10 and 270 online reviews
98€ / night
3* hotel in front of the train station

Hôtel Antiche Figure

Romantic address on the Grand Canal with lovely multilingual staff
★ 9.3/10 and 870 online reviews
184€ / night
B&B in Castello

Laguna 724

Very cosy address in a quiet area with a warm welcome from Marta and Angela
★ 9.3/10 and 270 online reviews
210€ / night
Hotel 5* in Dorsoduro

Excess Venise

Charming boutique hotel in a palace with garden and private spa
★ 9.2/10 and 450 online reviews
155€ / night
3* hotel near the Grand Canal

Novecento Boutique Hotel

Secret retreat with oriental decoration where you feel at home
★ 9.2/10 and 135 online reviews
325€ / night
Hotel 5* on the Lido

Ausonia Hungaria

Art-deco hotel on the edge of Venice, with a breathtaking view
★ 9.2/10 and 800 online reviews
24 hotels in Venice
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