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The guide to romantic getaways

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Do you own a romantic establishment and want to increase your revenue? Then join Let's Go My Love ! We are a collection especially designed for couples. It can be a charming hotel, a private day spa or an unusual cabin.

Almost 300 carefully selected places are already on the platform. We greatly limit the number of places per geographical area in order to offer a real quality label.

The site attracts over 4,000 unique visitors per day. More than 20.000 subscribers follow us on Facebook and Instagram. There is an app on Androïd. And we are in 8 languages: French, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. In short, we take our visibility very seriously!

Several media have already dedicated an article to Let's Go My Love and we are very happy about that! There is for example Max, 7sur7.be, Flair, RTBF, Elle and Trends Magazine.

When your place is published on Let's Go My Love, hundreds of couples can contact you directly every day. They send you requests via your official website, Whatsapp, email, phone, Instagram or other. You choose your booking channels and we take care of creating your file with care.

Very interesting for you: our first subscription starts at only 3 months. This allows you to easily test Let's Go My Love without committing yourself for a long time.

Your 10 advantages

✓ Join a romantic collection
✓ Increase your bookings
✓ Choose your booking channels
✓ Couples contact you directly
✓ Reduce your advertising costs
✓ Very high SEO visibility on Google
✓ Quality and trust label
✓ No new tools to master
✓ We create your listing in 8 languages
✓ Try it easily for 3 months

Our audience

Unique visitors per month
Unique visitors per day

Romantic experiences

179€ / night
B&B in Tournai

Oniro Wellness Rooms & Suites

A very good romantic address with 6 luxury suites and private spa
★ 9.5/10 and 235 online reviews
125€ / night
B&B near Bruges

B&B De Loverlij

A rare and just incredible address, romantic garden and top welcome from Sylvie
★ 9.6/10 and 206 online reviews
180€ / night - 160€ / 2h
Wellness in Luxembourg

Mon Être Sensiel

3 unusual accommodations for an unforgettable night and a wellness centre
★ 4.7/5 and 150 online reviews
110€ / night
4* hotel near Gare du Nord

25hours Hotel Terminus Nord

Superb address, colourful decoration, a real cocoon in the middle of the bustle
★ 8.7/10 and 2250 online reviews
195€ / night
B&B north of Cannes

Les Rosées

Romantic address, magical atmosphere, bucolic and refined style
★ 4.8/5 and 65 online reviews
250€ / night
Farm near Liège

De Hoeveschuur

Charming mix of luxury wellness and nostalgic horse farm
★ 5/5 and 30 online reviews
330€ / night
Hotel 5* in Saas-Fee

The Capra

Mix of luxury hotel and mountain chalet in a spectacular setting
★ 9.5/10 and 200 online reviews
260€ / night
4* hotel in Namur

Ne5t Hotel & Spa

Haven of peace for couples with 6 exclusive suites and wellness center
★ 9.3/10 and 200 online reviews

Champion on Google

Let's Go My Love is the champion of Google search engine optimization. Click on the queries below and see our ranking!

How it all began

Hello ! My name is Sébastien Leidgens, I am the founder of Let's Go My Love. I'm 39 years old, I'm originally from Belgium (more precisely from Embourg, 10 min from the center of Liège, in Wallonia) and I live today between Brussels, Paris and Munich. This part is an opportunity to tell you a little bit about how Let's Go My Love was born.

We are a guide to the best romantic experiences. Our main audience: couples celebrating a special occasion. We started in Belgium in the spring of 2021 and we are cautiously opening up to France, Italy and Switzerland. Let's Go My Love is like an address book written by a traveling, curious and demanding couple.

We spend 90% of our time choosing and describing our establishments. Each place is like a dish that simmers for hours. Once published, the place is reviewed and updated several times a year. We come back to it very often, we make touch-ups and we update the text. We are often in constant contact with the owners.

A little history... In July 2020, I aspire to launch a new project in the world of travel, but which one? At this time I am working as Digital Marketing Director in the French industrial company Re-uz, which specializes in reusables. I am in charge of the digital department. Before that, I also participated in the development of the luxury travel agency Little Guest, which now has about 30 employees and selects the most beautiful hotels for families.

As is often the case, the idea came from a personal need. As my partner, Sylvie, is celebrating her 30th birthday in September 2020, I am looking for a romantic place with a really special atmosphere. I go on Instagram, Google, Booking.com but I remain hungry each time. Finally I choose the Cabane de Poupette in Brussels, not without difficulty! We spend a great moment.

In the weeks which follow, I put on paper the following idea: to gather the most romantic places in a slightly stylish collection. And I try to find an editorial line: places held by passionate people, with a romantic atmosphere and a real personality, a bit like a book or a painting. We don't necessarily look for luxurious places. We want each place to be unique and different from all the others.
Around april 2021, I set up a coworking space in Silversquare in Brussels and I start looking for a team because I can't see myself going solo! The first person I meet is Pauline, a French student, who decides to trust me even though the website is not even online and the name has not yet been found.

And the name itself? It is partly found by my partner Sylvie, who worked for Tinder, during a very animated discussion, as well as the logo. We love this name because it is spontaneous, simple and international. I also like the idea of leaving without thinking.

In the following months, I decided to surround myself with interns that I trained in digital marketing at the same time: Camélia, Laureen and Omérine in particular. An almost entirely female team in the end. Each one of them leaves a precious mark on the project.

Today, we work with 3 people on the website and we collaborate with 4 or 5 freelance people on a very regular basis. We travel a lot, but above all we try to be able to pay the salaries and the invoices because it is not easy! But we're slowly getting there.

Our website is very cutting edge, with careful attention paid to the display speed, SEO and content. We spend a lot of time tweaking it. We want the best. For us, the journey starts with the online search.

Our high standards in this work guarantee our partners a very dense, highly qualified traffic that they could not get themselves. We have been doing this for more than 15 years and we love to create high value-added content on the site but also on social networks, starting with Instagram and Facebook.

The thing that makes us most happy is that couples are very engaged on the site, remember the name and come back later. And frankly, it was not won when we see the competition in tourism. We can't wait to see what the future holds!
La cabane de poupette in Brussels

Our subscriptions

3 months
Test without risk
That is 66€ per month
Per quarter / page        199EXCL. VAT
6 months
The Golden Mean
That is 58€ per month
You save 50€.
Per semester / page        349EXCL. VAT
12 months
Save money 
That is 49€ per month
You save 200€.
Per year / page        599EXCL. VAT

Frequently asked questions

Do you take a commission?

No, we do not take any commission on your reservations. You only pay for your subscription. Your customers are your customers. No bad surprises!

Do you limit the number of locations per geographical area?

Yes, absolutely, and that's why it's possible that your application will be rejected or temporarily denied. We pay attention to every detail, look at the online customer reviews and try to predict if your place will appeal to the couples on the site. In Belgium, for example, we have decided to never exceed 150 locations (approximately) in order to guarantee the highest possible editorial quality.

How do I know if a booking is from Let's Go My love ?

All the requests you receive are easily identifiable. Example of a message received on Whatsapp : "Hello, we found your place on Let's Go My Love, do you have availability on May 13th ? Aurélie and Guillaume." Practical! This way you can easily measure your return on investment. We always encourage couples to mention Let's Go My Love when booking, regardless of the channel.

What else can I do to measure better?

Here are 4 things you can do to measure the number of bookings that come from Let's Go My Love :

1. Offer a promo code on your official website. For example, you could post this: "Type in the promo code LETSGO5 to get a 5% discount on your stay". This is an incentive to book and it allows you to count the number of reservations! This is our favorite method.
2. Replace the promo code with a special benefit. This time, we display a message like: "Mention Let's Go My Love when booking and get a bottle of champagne on arrival". Very practical, we also like this method.
3. Add a question on your website, just when the customer is about to finalize his reservation: "How did you find us?" with several possible answers: Google, Instagram, Facebook, Let's Go My Love, Airbnb, word of mouth, etc. Very effective!
4. Check in Google Analytics the number of visitors that come from us. This is called referral traffic. If you have integrated booking tracking in Google Analytics, you can count the number of bookings that come from us.

Do you already have good SEO on Google?

Yes, this is one of our great strengths! We have more than 15 years of experience in the field. This generates almost 4000 targeted visitors every day who are looking for a romantic place. Do a few tests in Google to check! We are in 1st position on Google on a lot of queries related to couples getaways. We take content very seriously and that's what makes our SEO so good.

What have you noticed about the couples?

Couples are our audience! We want to know everything about them. What makes them decide to book? About 70% of our visitors are women and about 50% are celebrating a special occasion: anniversary or proposal for example. Many of them go to Let's Go My Love and are tempted by a special occasion. We are constantly trying to understand what makes them fall in love and this is what drives our daily work.

How do I stop my subscription?

It's very simple. We offer 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions. These subscriptions are not automatically renewed, so no stress. We tell you when your subscription is going to end, we ask you if you are happy with the result (we hope!) and then you can decide: stop or continue. If it's still on, we simply invoice you and take the opportunity to bring you up to the top of the homepage as a gift.

Can I boost my place on the site?

You want to increase your visibility even more? In addition to your subscription, we offer a boost system. The boost allows you to drastically improve your visibility everywhere on the site: we place you on top, before all our other partners. It's a bit like a boost on Facebook/Instagram or ads on Google.

We also take the opportunity to make a post or a course on Facebook and Instagram. The contests work very well. We did a contest with Dôme de Namur in May 2023 which generated about 70.000 comments, a real bomb. The visits can dramatically increase: from triple to quintuple. We are testing the boost with several partners since September 2022 and we are very happy with the results.

Here are the rates per location, excluding VAT:

- 1 month : 399€
- 2 months : 699€ (100€ saved)
- 3 months : 999€ (200€ saved)
- 6 months : 1899€ (500€ saved)

We limit this boost to only 3 or 4 partners at the same time per geographical area. It is therefore possible that your request will be refused. The boost is particularly effective when you want to boost your bookings!

Are there any institutions that do not subscribe?

Yes, some establishments on Let's Go My Love are sometimes published freely by our team. We choose these places ourselves if we think they fit our editorial line. Very often, we remove them. These places have a much lower visibility than our partners and always redirect visitors to booking.com, our partner in our affiliate program. It is not possible to apply to appear in discovery mode on Let's Go My Love : we choose to initiative these places, a bit like in the Michelin Guide.

What if my business is composed of several rooms?

Your business may include several units: for example a lake resort with 8 cabins or a resort with 3 wellness suites. In this case, you can decide to create a single page for all your units or one page per unit. The 1st option is cheaper and groups everything together. The 2nd option offers you more visibility, a more precise presentation text and 12 photos for each location. You can choose the option that suits you best.

Do you accept the premises during the day?

Yes, as long as couples can book for a few hours during the day, this is not a problem. We already work with a lot of daytime venues, including private spas.

What do you recommend to improve my reservations?

Since January 2021, we have been working with many partners who own a romantic establishment and want to increase their bookings. We're starting to get the hang of it as they say! Here are some tips we often give to get the most out of your collaboration with Let's Go My Love :

1. Have a photographer come to your establishment to do a nice romantic shoot that makes you want to. We really like the photos that were taken for El Clandestino for example. It gives confidence and strongly encourages to book. If you send us these photos, we will add them to your file.
2. Make some short videos of 20-30 seconds with a smartphone in portrait format while walking around your establishment when it is perfectly clean with candles for example. It doesn't have to be professional or edited. Feel free to send them to us too, we'll add them. Photos sometimes don't tell enough and videos are better at telling a story and giving confidence. People under 30 are very used to the real thing on Instagram and Tiktok and therefore find it abnormal to have only photos.
3. Create a promo code on your official website and share it with us to encourage bookings and better measure the bookings that come from us. Example: the code LETSGO10 which gives 10% discount on a stay. Customers love promo codes because it gives a sense of scarcity. The effect is also virtuous for you: when there is a promo code, customers remember it and book more directly on your official website, which avoids you paying a commission elsewhere.
4. Choose an attractive and easy to remember name for your establishment! The name is very important, it creates desire and envy. Try to choose a name that can be understood around the world and avoid puns that are only understood by people who speak your language. Imagine yourself on Netflix watching a series of movies. Which movie will you choose? You'll probably look at the cover and the title of the movie. On Let's Go My Love, it's the same thing. The name is decisive because it speaks to the subconscious.
5. Try to be clear in your vision: do you propose a b&b, a wellness or a luxury hotel? Are you more upscale or unusual? In general, a place that is too mixed/hybrid and that has no coherence will be harder to convince, because customers don't know what to expect. Don't hesitate between 2 visions, try to propose one coherent vision.
6. Offer total privacy to couples staying in your establishment and take special care to guarantee them total tranquility without unpleasant surprises. Romance is a suspended moment that can be broken by the slightest problem.
7. Be very vigilant with cleanliness, especially if you offer aquatic facilities. A hair in the shower and it's all the magic that evaporates, even if everything else is impeccable.
8. Offer a nice website with availability prominently displayed. You can link to your official website from Let's Go My Love.
9. Pay particular attention to the welcome on site: your smile, your tone, your warmth, the fire crackling in the fireplace, the music, the little word of welcome... The first 10 minutes are the most important. Make your guests feel expected and special.
10. Use local, organic, ethical and quality products for extras and meals. It's much appreciated! Often, over-saving on extras means paying for it later, one way or another: bad word of mouth, negative reviews, and therefore extra stress for you.
11. If possible, don't ask for a deposit at the time of booking, be transparent about your rates, offer flexible cancellation policy and offer a slightly lower rate from Sunday to Thursday.
12. More and more couples like to travel with their dogs. We recommend allowing small dogs at an additional cost if it is possible for you.
13. How many couples say "Wow" when they discover your establishment? And how many thank you personally upon departure? Work on this as a priority. 

See you soon!


Sylvie, Pauline and Sébastien, the team behind Let's Go My Love

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