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The best of romantic getaways
The best of romantic getaways

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Do you own a romantic place and want to increase your bookings? Then join Let's Go My Love ! We are a collection especially designed for couples. It could be a charming hotel, a private day spa, a romantic castle or a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

About 250 hand-picked places in Belgium, Paris, Provence and Venice are already listed on Let's Go My Love. The site was launched in 2021 and already attracts almost 4000 unique visitors per day. There is also an Android app and soon on IOS. We are in 5 languages: French, Dutch, English, German and Italian.

7sur7.be, Flair, RTBF, Elle and Trends Magazine have already dedicated an article to our collection and we are very happy about that!

When your place is published on Let's Go My Love, hundreds of couples can get in touch with you directly every day. Your customers are your customers. They send you requests via your official website, Whatsapp, email, phone, Instagram or other. You choose your booking channels and we take care of creating your profile with care.

Very interesting for you: we always offer 1 month free of charge and without obligation, which allows you to test Let's Go My Love without risk. We take care of creating your profile and bringing you bookings. Shall we give it a try?

What makes us different

✓ Join an elegant collection
✓ Increase your bookings
✓ Choose your booking channels
✓ Couples contact you directly
✓ Reduce your advertising costs
✓ Very high SEO visibility on Google
✓ Quality label for couples
✓ No new tools to master
✓ We create your listing in 5 languages
✓ 30 days free trial


Monthly unique visitors
Daily unique visitors

Places in Belgium

189€ / night
5* hotel in Ghent

1898 The Post

Address from another time with an atmosphere worthy of Harry Potter
★ 9.3/10 and 1750 reviews on booking.com
247€ / night
4* hotel in Bruges

Hotel Van Cleef

Private residence, Italian style decoration, right on the canal
★ 9.7/10 and 450 reviews on booking.com
215€ / night
Bulle near Namur

Bulle de Miel

Unique experience in a country setting with outdoor jacuzzi
★ 4.9/5 and 16 online reviews
150€ / night
4* hotel in Middelkerke

Domaine 10

Mysterious love hotel inspired by 50 Shades of Grey and its Secret Butler
★ 9.2/10 and 124 reviews on booking.com

Places in Paris

99€ / night
3* hotel in Belleville

Hôtel Babel Belleville

A favourite address, a great treasure of China, a real invitation to travel
★ 9/10 and 150 reviews on booking.com
189€ / night
4* hotel near the Eiffel Tower

Hôtel Muguet

Adorable address held for 65 years by the same family with dream location
★ 9/10 and 590 reviews on booking.com
115€ / night
4* hotel in Montmartre

Hôtel des Arts

A small family jewel case over 4 generations in the heart of Montmartre
★ 9.3/10 and 1500 reviews on booking.com
190€ / night
4* hotel near the Eiffel Tower

Sourire Boutique Hôtel

Private hotel with flowery rooftop, high ceilings and Ilhame's smile
★ 9.5/10 and 250 reviews on booking.com

Places in the South

275€ / night
Domain in the Luberon

Les Andéols

8 suites and 11 private homes in a fabulous environment
★ 9.2/10 and 80 reviews on booking.com
150€ / night
4* hotel near Avignon

The Château de Varenne

Castle nestled in a park with cedar of Lebanon and hundred-year-old plane trees
★ 9.4/10 and 320 reviews on booking.com
245€ / night
5* hotel in Carcassonne

Hôtel de la Cité

Total immersion in a medieval castle in neo-gothic and art deco style
★ 8,9/10 and 1050 reviews on booking.com
118€ / night
B&B in Avignon

La Demoiselle

Peaceful, peaceful, quiet haven, with a lovely welcome by Violette and Lisa
★ 9.5/10 and 260 reviews on booking.com

Champion on Google

Let's Go My Love is the champion of Google search engine optimization. Click on the queries below and see our ranking!

Our story

We are a French-Belgian team driven by the desire to offer the best romantic getaways around the world. It has become a passion and we put a lot of care into it. There is Pauline, Camélia and Sébastien.

We travel a lot and we have a lot of experience in website creation, SEO and tourism. Let's Go My Love is born in May 2021 but it is already a beautiful baby!

Sébastien Leidgens, the founder of Let's Go My Love, has 15 years of experience as Digital Marketing Director, notably for the French industrial group Re-uz. As an entrepreneur, he also participated in the creation of The Little Guest Hotels Collection, a collection of luxury hotels for families. Today, Little Guest is a great success around the world.

Let's Go My Love is very selective. We accept a limited number of places per geographical area, which creates a real quality label for couples. The places must be distinguished by their soul, romantic atmosphere, intimacy, attention to detail and water features.

We offer a collection that is very carefully designed, where the visual aspect is paramount. Each photo to illustrate a place is carefully chosen and often retouched by us before publication. We pay a lot of attention to the enhancement of your place.

Our website is state of the art, with careful attention paid to display speed and SEO. We want the best for our partners. For us, the journey starts with the online search.

This efficiency is possible thanks to our hosting at Kinsta, which offers a very high display speed. If you have a site on Wordpress, don't hesitate to use it. You should know that they will take care of moving your site from your old host with great kindness, a bit like opening a new bank account.

Our high standards in this work guarantee our partners a very dense, highly qualified traffic, which they could not have themselves. We have been doing this for more than 15 years and we love to create high added value content on the website but also on social networks, starting with Instagram and Facebook.
La cabane de poupette in Brussels

Our offer

3 months
Free 30-day test
That's about 66€ per month
Per quarter / page        199EXCL. VAT
6 months
Free 30-day test
That's about 58€ per month
12.5% discount
Per semester / page        349EXCL. VAT
12 months
Free 30-day test
That's about 49€ per month
25% discount
Per year / page        599EXCL. VAT
Become a partner

Frequently asked questions

Do you take a commission?

No, we do not take any commission on your bookings. You only pay for your subscription. No bad surprises!

How do I know if a booking is from Let's Go My love ?

All requests you receive are easily identifiable. Example of a message via Whatsapp: "Hello, I found your place on Let's Go My Love, do you have availability on May 13?" Convenient! This way you can easily measure your return on investment. We also encourage couples to mention Let's Go My Love during the booking process.

What else can I do to measure bookings?

Here are 4 more things you can do to measure your bookings:

- Add a multiple choice question on your website on the booking page: how did you find us? Google, Instagram, Let's Go My Love, Word of mouth, etc.
- Leave a guestbook in the room where your customers can give their feedback and add this question: how did you find us?
- Ask your IT manager or check yourself in Google Analytics the number of visitors that come from Let's Go My Love. This is called referral traffic.
- Propose a promo code especially for Let's Go My Love. Example: LETSGOMYLOVE. Not only does this encourage couples to book, but you know they are coming from us. Doubly useful!

Do you already have good SEO on Google?

Yes, this is one of our great strengths! We have over 15 years of experience. This generates almost 4000 targeted visitors every day who are looking for a romantic place. Do a few Google tests to check! We are in 1st position on Google on a lot of queries related to couples' getaways. We take content very seriously and that's what makes our search engine rankings so good.

What have you noticed about the couples?

Couples are our audience! We want to know everything about them. What do they want? What makes them decide to book? About 50% of our visitors don't know where they want to go, 65% are women and 75% are celebrating a special occasion. Many wander around and are tempted by a crush. We are constantly trying to understand what makes them fall in love with us and this is what drives our daily work.

Am I entitled to a free trial period?

Yes, we always offer 1 month free of charge and without obligation. During this test period, we create your listing and try to generate bookings for you. We take care of everything! At the end of the test period, you can decide to stop or continue the collaboration. There is no obligation.

How can I pay for my subscription?

Your 30-day test is over and you are happy with the result? We are happy to continue together! Choose your package above and pay directly online. If you choose the 12-month plan, you get one quarter free.

Would you prefer to make a classic transfer? No problem: you can do this on our Belgian Belfius account: BE08 0688 9636 5913. As soon as we receive your payment, we will put your location on the homepage as a welcome gift and make it fully visible everywhere else.

How do I stop my subscription?

You just have to send us a message at least 15 days (we remain flexible) before the end of your subscription. If you stop your subscription 1 month before the end, your place remains visible until the last day, before being removed by our team.

Can I put my place at the top of each page?

Do you want to increase your visibility? In addition to your subscription, we offer you to radically improve your visibility in our travel guides and everywhere on the site. In our guides, we classify our partners according to a theme: wellness, unusual weekend, luxury, suite with jacuzzi, etc. Our guides are the heart of the reactor and generate the majority of bookings on the site.

The VIP offer that we propose here is to guarantee you the 1st position for 1 month on 3 guides, a bit like a boost on Facebook or SEA on Google. The price is 499€/month. You are on top of the page and you stay in 1st position for 1 month no matter what. 

We limit this VIP offer to only 4 or 5 partners per geographical region. First come, first served. As long as you pay a boost, you don't pay any annual subscription and it is extended. We bill you monthly and you stop whenever you want. There is no contract.

Interested? Contact us and tell us the 3 guides on which you want to appear at the top. We will make you a proposal to maximize your reservations. As soon as we receive your payment, we will instantly put you on the guides we have chosen together.

As a gift, we will also bump up your location on the homepage and also do 1-2 posts on Facebook and Instagram. The VIP offer is the best service Let's Go My Love can offer to increase your bookings.

Are there any places that are not partners?

Yes, some places on Let's Go My Love are sometimes published in discovery mode by our team. We choose these places ourselves if we think they fit our editorial line. Often, we remove them.

These places have a much reduced visibility compared to our partners and always redirect visitors to booking.com, our partner in our affiliate program. It is not possible to apply to appear in discovery mode on Let's Go My Love : we choose to initiate these places, a bit like in the Michelin guide.

What if my activity is composed of several locations?

Your activity can include several places: for example a domain around a lake with 8 cabins or a domain with 3 wellness suites. In this case, you can decide to create a single page for all your locations or one page per location.

The 1st option is less expensive and groups all your locations. The 2nd option offers you more visibility, a more precise presentation text and 12 photos for each location. You can choose the option that suits you best.

We offer a sliding scale of charges if you decide to create several pages on the site: -25% discount from the second place. Ex: if you decide to create 3 pages on the site during 1 year, you pay 599€/year for the 1st page, 399€/year for the 2nd page and 399€ for the following pages.

Do you accept the premises during the day?

Yes, as long as couples can book for a few hours during the day, this is not a problem. We already work with a lot of daytime venues, including private spas.

See you soon!

Camelliapauline lgmlSébastien

From left to right: Camélia, Pauline and Sébastien. A close-knit team that takes the time to do things right.

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